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Our aim is simple. We want to engage and educate people with the work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the men and women it commemorates.

Through our innovative educational activities, public events and outreach programmes, we want to educate everyone from school groups to world war buffs, amateur historians or just those interested in learning more about the names on their local war memorial.

With your help, we want to tell the inspirational stories of the men and women who fought and died in the world wars, we want to remember them, and we want to keep their stories alive.

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You’ll get first dibs on tickets to any upcoming special events, such as our upcoming Christmas carol service.
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Find out how the Foundation operates, what we’ve been working on and how your support helps us achieve our goals.
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Each year you’ll receive our popular calendar which features stunning photography of CWGC sites around the world.
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Keep up to date with upcoming projects and news from the Foundation as well as features on the history of the two world wars and some of the stories of the casualties we commemorate.
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