Create your own bespoke virtual battlefield tour

Have you ever wanted to follow in the footsteps of your relatives who made the ultimate sacrifice during the World Wars?

Due to the scope of World War One and Two, getting to their iconic global battlefields can prove difficult in terms of time and distance.

It can also be hard to track exactly where your relatives fought and what they got up to if you’re low on the details.

Explore your personal history

Explore your personal history

Our brand-new virtual tours are tailored to your exact requirements, helping you explore the areas of interest that matter most – all from the comfort of your own home.

Battle Guide Virtual Tours team of history researchers and genealogists do a deep dive into your relative’s background and service. They track and trace your relative’s movements too to give a fuller picture of their wartime experience.

Image: © IWM B 6758

The result is something totally unique and bespoke to you – and yours to keep forever.

These virtual tours can also be used as powerful educational tools and are also great for organisations looking to trace the wartime exploits of former members.

Whatever your requirements, we can create a personal film that’s totally unique to you.

Each film you create help us continue our important work in commemorating those who fell and bringing history to life. All the proceeds (excluding costs) from virtual tours are used to support the Foundation and our work.

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