CWGF Guides recruitment is open now!

A group of Commonwealth War Graves Guides poses in front of the Thiepval Memorial

We look forward to giving the opportunity to history enthusiasts to work with us at some of our most iconic sites in France and Belgium.

Commonwealth War Graves become our public face, welcoming visitors to sites such as Thiepval and Tyne Cot, sharing stories of those commemorated at our sites, and helping assist guests on their remembrance journey.

We also put our guides on a programme of social visits and experiences to really help enrich their time with us and to help them grow personally and professionally.

Guides are also encouraged to share their experiences through blogs, videos, and social media content to help inspire and educate a new generation of history lovers.

This is a brilliant opportunity to come and work for one of the world’s leading heritage and commemoration organisations.

The Guides would generally suit those who are finishing full-time education, such as A-level or equivalent or university or higher education. However, we will welcome all applications.

Recruitment is open now. Head to our Careers page to apply now.

Good luck!

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