Remembering the CWGF - Leave a gift in your Will

When you leave a gift in your Will to the Commonwealth War Graves Foundation, you're helping keep alive a legacy stretching back over a century.

Help Us Keep Alive The Stories Of Those Who Died In The World Wars

Every one of the 1.7 million men and women that we commemorate who died in the two World Wars had their own stories – their own lives, their own families. 

They were someone’s brother, sister, son, daughter or parent. They were members of our communities, torn apart by war, and for many these connections are personal. 

A gift in your Will can help us continue telling those stories for generations to come, so their sacrifice is not forgotten.

Sacrifices made by people like...

Flight Lieutenant Leslie George Bull
Flight Lieutenant Leslie George Bull
The first person to exit the tunnel in the Great Escape.
Violette Reine Elizabeth Szabo
Violette Reine Elizabeth Szabo
A secret agent, captured while defending a resistance leader.
Sergeant Robert Harry Bryan
Sergeant Robert Harry Bryan
Killed at 22, on return from a successful bombing mission.

If you would like to discuss leaving a legacy in your Will to the Foundation or need more information, please contact us via e-mail at, or by telephone number (01628) 507178.

What impact will your gift have?

Without the work of the Commonwealth War Graves Foundation, the stories of these people – servicemen and women, firefighters, nurses and so many more – will one day be told for the last time.

By leaving a legacy in your Will, you can be a part of educating future generations and keeping these stories alive. 

Gifts in Wills allow us to provide ongoing funding for projects like our Speakers and Tour Guides programme, training volunteers to engage with people of all ages across the UK and share the stories of the fallen.

With your support, we can ensure the sacrifices of Commonwealth service personnel are not forgotten, that their memories and their war graves and their memorials are preserved and that future generations understand the cost of freedom.

How CWGF will use your donation

Legacies left in Wills to the CWGF ensures that the stories of those who died in the World Wars are kept alive for generations to come; that their sacrifices are not forgotten.

You can learn more about the type of projects we can support through generous donations on our Projects page.

Did you know...

Free Will Writing

Having an up-to-date Will is the only way to be sure the people and causes you care about are looked after.

With our free Will writing service, through Bequeathed, you can make a start on your Will immediately. Just go online any time that suits you, register and complete the online Will interview. If you need help you can search hundreds of guidance articles, use online chat or book a support call.

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Please consider leaving a gift to the CWGF when you make your Will. Your generosity will help us to carry on our vital work long into the future.


  1. Register online
  2. Complete the online Will interview
  3. Receive online legal advice and recommendations
  4. Book a free legal appointment
  5. Decide to go ahead with a free basic Will or include additional protection
  6. Get your Will delivered straight to your inbox, alongside instructions and advice

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Information for Executors & Solicitors

If you are planning to make a payment from a Will, please contact us on e-mail at or by telephone on 01628 507278.

If you make the payment using our online payment details, please get in touch to let us know so we can ensure the gift is properly recorded and acknowledged.

If you are writing a new Will, here are some steps you may find useful

If you are writing a new Will, here are some steps you may find useful

Please note: the Commonwealth War Graves Foundation cannot offer legal advice. The information below is presented only for awareness. Please contact a solicitor or other appropriate legal service before making any Will or legacy commitments.

  1. Make a list of your possessions
  2. Tot up what you think they are worth
  3. Think if you would like to include any gifts for friends and family
  4. Are there any causes that are close to your heart that you would like to include a gift to
  5. Choose an Executor, who will be able to carry out your wishes
  6. Find a Solicitor or professional Will writing service to draw up your Will
If you are amending an existing Will… did you know?

If you are amending an existing Will… did you know?

If you already have a Will and wish to make a small amendment or update, you can do this without rewriting the full thing. Instead, you can amend it with a document called a Codicil.

This document serves as an appendix to your Will.

Types of gifts you can include in your Will

Types of gifts you can include in your Will

Residuary: this type of gift is a percentage or the whole of what remains of someone’s Estate once all other payments have been settled.

Pecuniary: this type of a gift is a fixed sum of money.

Specific: this type of gift can be an item or a possession such as jewellery or a book collection

Leave your Legacy

If you are thinking about leaving us a gift in your Will and would like to a little more about the process, discuss Will wording, or understand the potential impact of your gift, we would love to hear from you.

You can get in touch with us via:

Telephone: 01628 507278

If you have already left us a gift in your Will, please do contact us so that we can thank you for your support. 

Leaving a Legacy - Frequently Asked Questions

A Will is a legal document that expresses a person's wishes as to how everything they own is to be distributed after their death; this includes property, money and other assets.

It also allows that person to decide who will manage the assets until their final distribution (Executor). 

Writing a simple Will can cost around £100; there would be a higher cost for a more complex Will.

Your Will should be written by a professional – like a solicitor or a professional Will-writer, to identify any mistakes that could nullify your Will or cause delay when the time comes.

As a supporter of the CWGF you can take advantage of our free Will writing service. You are under no obligation to leave a gift to us, but even a small gift can have a tremendous impact on our ability to keep the memory of those who died in the World Wars alive.

To find out more about our free Will writing Service, please click here.

A gift in your Will to a charity can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax payable. To find out more please visit HMRC/Government’s website.

Please note that the CWGF is unable to offer legal advice on this issue. For information on your individual tax situation, you should speak to a professional advisor. 

You do not need to let us know if you have left a gift in your Will to the CWGF, but we are very grateful to those that inform us. We treat this information in complete confidence.

You can contact us by e-mailing or calling us on 01628 507278.

This means we can thank you for your support and can keep you updated on our work.