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As we begin to remember the Battle of Normandy 80 years on, take part in the CWGF’s virtual fundraiser Walking Our War Graves. 


Walking our War Graves Normandy

Starting at Raville Churchyard and War Cemetery, participants will have the opportunity to explore some of the cemeteries and memorials in the Normandy region from anywhere in the world. 

What do you need to know to take part? 

  1. You have the month of April to sign up and the month of May to complete the distance of 95km.
  2. Registrations cost £25 per participant. 
  3. You can complete the distance through any form of exercise – walking, running, cycling, swimming. The choice is yours!
  4. Once you upload your distance to Enthuse, if you have passed a cemetery you will receive an email with some historic information, details of the cemetery that you have ‘’virtually visited’’ as well as a story of a casualty commemorated at that site. 

Why should you take part? 

All money raised through your fundraising supports the work of the Commonwealth War Graves Foundation and will allow us to tell the stories of those commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, with Walking Our War Graves being just one of the many ways that we achieve this! 

80 years on since the Battle of Normandy, by taking part in Walking Our War Graves, you will ensure that those stories are told.

Joined us for Walking Our War Graves: Normandy in 2022? Come back again as we have new stories for you to discover.

Our top fundraisers will also have the chance to have a wreath laid on their behalf at Bayeux War Cemetery as part of the 80th anniversary commemorative events taking place this coming June. 

There is no fundraiser like it so share the news far and wide for your family and friends to take part too.  

Registrations are open now! We hope that you enjoy taking part. 

Thank you for supporting the Commonwealth War Graves Foundation and for honouring their legacy with every step. 

Ready to get started?
Ready to get started?

Ready to get out there and start ticking off those miles? Sign up today to start your virtual journey across Normandy and start raising money for a fantastic organisation.

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Connecting to Strava

Connecting to Strava

Make sure you’ve connected your Strava account to your Enthuse profile, so your walks are automatically tracked and added to your profile. If you need a hand setting it all up, take a look at our instructions below:

When you login to your Enthuse control panel, you will see a text box prompting you to connect to Strava. Click the Connect to Strava button to start the process. We do recommend that, if you haven’t already, you create an account on Strava before you proceed.

Connect to Strava prompt

You’ll then begin the connection process. You will have to agree to the Strava privacy policy. When you are ready to proceed, click the Connect button.

Connect to strava privacy policy

You will then be prompted to login to your Strava account. Enter your username and password and then click Login.

Login to Strava

You then need to authorise Strava to connect with your Enthuse account; before this you will need to confirm what data you’d like Enthuse to access. The data that we need for the Walking Our War Graves virtual walk is part of the required data set, so any other options are up to you. Once you are ready, click the Authorise button.

Strava authorisation screen

Your Strava and Enthuse accounts will now be connected – so now, when you track your walks, runs or swims on the Strava app, they’ll automatically be added to your Enthuse profile, showing just how far you’ve gone towards your target.

Strava connection confirmation

Now you can sync your Strava account with your smart watch, use your phone to track your walks, or just manually add them to your account afterwards. 

Walking our War Graves Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the route?

The virtual route is 95 km from the Ranville War Cemetery to Bayeux War Cemetery and multiple stops in between.

When do I need to complete the route by?

Registrations is open between 1-30 April. You will have until 31 May 2023 to complete the challenge. You can set yourself a goal to complete it in as little or as much time as you like within this period.

Where can I complete the fundraiser?

This is a virtual route, reflecting the distance between two of our key Normandy sites. You can cover the distance in stages, anywhere you like, even at the gym!

How can I cover the distance?

Walking is not the only option. For example, you can cycle, run row or swim the distance in any combination you choose.